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Investing Basics

Posted on Apr 15, 2020 in Personal Finance


Many don’t invest regularly not because of lack of money but because banks, advisors has made a image that investing is complex and need expert guidance.

Today in 2MinutePersonalFinance, we are going to see

  1. When to Invest
  2. What to Invest in
  3. When to Sell


After you Pay back your Non-Mortgage debts and Saved your Emergency, Investing is your next step. Any money which you do not need for next 10 years should be invested in Share market.

When it comes to Share Market

Time in the market is always better than Timing the market

Trying to Buy Low and Sell High is the mistake many first timers do. No one can predict bottom of the market to buy and predict top to sell. Committing to a regular monthly investment is the best way to invest in Market.


For Beginners, If the overall investment value is less than 10K dollars, Signup with wealthsimple ( and setup auto-debit to withdraw fixed amount from your account and forget about it.

For people who ask if they can buy some X share, Unless you can read balance sheets/quarterly reports and figure it out yourself, Avoid individual shares.

If overall value of your investments is more than $10K, Signup with low fee brokerage such as and buy Vanguard Asset allocation fund (TSX:VEQT) for fixed amount every month without worrying about where stock market is.


I like to quote Warren buffet’s quote here.

My Favorite holding period is forever

Remember Why you started investing. It is either for retirement or for your kid’s education or another long term commitment, Unless you need the money in next 2-3 years, There is no reason to sell.

Bonus: If you are still worried that you might buy at the wrong time, Meet Bob who invested only before each crash and still managed to make huge return on investment in the long term (See pic below)

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