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Busting Investing Myth Series - Investing is Exciting

Posted on Sep 3, 2020 in Personal Finance

Investing is Exciting

Busting Investing Myths Series

4) Investing is exciting

Sorry to rain on your parade, But to be frank, Investing is super boring, As boring as watching a banyan tree grow from the seed. On an average Investments grow at the rate of 6-10% per year. If you divide that my 365, it’s less than 0.02% per day. To put it in real numbers, your $10,000 investment might fetch you less than $2 per day.

Investing is all about making money work for you, while you are busy with something else. so don’t make investing your passion or hobby. Learning about personal finance is my passion but investing/stock monitoring is not. When you come in thinking investing is exciting, you will be disappointed with it and your impatience will kill your investment. If you want excitement, Casino is your place

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