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Busting Investing Myth Series - I need a lot of Time to Monitor my Investments

Posted on Sep 1, 2020 in Personal Finance

I need a lot of Time to Monitor my Investments

Busting Investing Myths Series

3) I need lot of time to monitor my investments

I hear people say they are busy at work or have kids and they don’t have enough time to invest their money. In reality, Having a lot of free time is injurious to your investments. Investing is all about making your money work for you, If you keep refreshing your browser to monitor your investments, You are still working and it is not going to give you additional income.

Investing is not a hobby, is not a adventure sport and is not going to keep you busy. Monitoring your investments too often, will make you make emotional decisions which are bad for investments.

I spend around 4 hours per month on my investments and I think even that is lot of time. Just because you started investments, doesn’t mean that you need to stop watching meme and start watching CNBC.

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